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Why do you pick on FOX

Because it is after visitors. It is after as many as it gets. Just watch the reruns.

Activelifestyle goes to Europe

Are Chinese Tourists safe in France? Hollande (the president of France) seems to think so. But what about the Chinese travellers, what do they think. For guidelines please go to

Bloggerup goes to Thailand

Well Travel Thailand has the second place and again it torns out to be one of the biggest losers. Who are we to beleive? Read the whole story here. Now here's another article by the Tourism Authority Of Thailand that says Thailand is in second place. Go figure aft

Think online reviews are past?

Think online reviews are past due? Think again.Currently, according to TripAdvisor, their site carries more than 75 million travel reviews and opinions. Thats up from 50 million just last year. In fact 50 opinions, again according to TripAdvisor, converge on the website every minute. Yes every minute. TripAdvisor is the largest

Thai Tourism needs new Image

As president Mingkwan Metmowlee said in a Bangkok Post release recently, Thai tourism cries out for a distinct Image. The Association Of Thai Tourism Marketing (ATTM) says that Indonesia and Cambodia are gaining in tourism numbers.Thailand must further develop from other countries to remain popular. She pointed to things like ho

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